Activity 2023‑01‑17






Winter 2022 USA


AIB Agency at Shockers
won 7:4, me 2 goals

Good pre-workout at Anytime Fitness Cave Creek. But still heavy legs from Sunday hike.

After our game, I helped Ajax FC and played one sub for them. Had two shots, but no goals while I was on the field.


Alex forgot his socks, so I gave him mine spare. Two socks, two goal passes, this is what I told him before the game. And he exactly delivered me two good passes and I scored one goal in the first half and one in the second.

I missed a lot of chances. I did not play badly, but today was not exactly my day. I gave Grey a very nice pass to our first goal. Also, we scored 2 or 3 goals after combinations with all 5 players on the field. Overall it was a good game.

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