Activity 2023‑01‑05






Winter 2022 USA


Pickup game in the Scottsdale Sports Complex
victory 5:1, me 3 goals

Charlie called me to play a friendly skirmish game. Since it was out, I went to play. I prefer to play on the grass than indoors.

The game was from 7:45 to 9:30. I played the whole time with a 4kg vest on.


We played small goals and there were more players than 11 on each side. We were black. In white, there were Inaudi and Petros, which I used to play in Sambita team. And they played well. They controlled the ball better than us, but could not score the goal. So we scored and were winning 1:0.

I played well and ran the most from everyone. In the second goal, someone passed me from the middle, I received the ball with my right root into the run and scored the goal with my left foot. The third goal was again me, two quick passes with guys who knew how to immediately return in, a quick shot, and 3:0. But my third goal was a masterpiece! After Charlie's pass, I made an individual action which ended with a sharp shot right into the net. It was a really nice goal.

They had a million chances, but they will not score the goal till the morning. But finally, they did one with a bit of luck. In the end, we added the fifth goal, which was lucky too, but no one was really playing at that time.

It is okay to play/train with the vest, but it is definitely different to play with it on the bigger field. I was very tired and my legs were sore. That means it was a good workout!!