Activity 2023‑01‑03






Winter 2022 USA


Shockers at Football is Life
won 8:4, me 3 goals

I asked Jimmy if I should come and he made it clear: "Yes, sir, I have you on the roster this season, so plan on playing every week" :)

Anytime Fitness pre-workout:
- 100cal run
- simple planks
- pull-ups, push-ups, chin-ups
- squats, also with stick


They had only 4+1 players (one less), so we should beat them like shit. But we did not, because they played pretty solid defense and we could not score. Most of the time we simply missed the nets. I could not look at it, so when I had the chance I shoot from a longer distance and scored the first goal. Then I went on the bench, we got a goal and the half-time was 1:1.

In the second half, I scored our second goal too. It was a cross from the right side in front of the net, but no one touched it, and it fell into the net of a surprised goalie. I remember it was 3:3 later, but then we finally took advantage of having more players and subs. We scored a lot of goals in a row and also I added one more at the end.

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