Activity 2022‑12‑11






Winter 2022 USA


D-1 FC 40 - Sirroco 40 3:4 (3:1)
SUASL Soccer Game (regular season, round 9)

lost, me no goals

After the game, two players from Sirocco came to me a said I played a very good game, but that was not enough to remedy my upset about how we lost a match we should have won.


I started as a central mid and played there the whole game, except for a little part at the end, when I went up front. We scored first when Max stole the ball to their goalie and shot into the empty net. Another goal added Chris from around 18m and Erick. They score with their best player after corner. I was covering him, but the shot was deflected surprisingly, and he was lucky to hit it well. I made a few good passes in the first half and also a few good runs with the ball, one almost like 60 meters :)

In the second half, we kept playing our game and I had a very big chance after Mike's pass/center, but I hit the goalie. I had all-time in the world and should have solved this in a more calm manner. I also dribbled balls twice with a shot at the end, but it was left foot and went over the net.

And then we start doing stupid things. After one of their chances, Luis (GK) made a good save, but Kansas made a back pass to a defender who was alone in the net and from that situation unsurprisingly we got a goal. The third goal was from the penalty kick and the last goal was a header after the corner kick. So we lost in the end.

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