Activity 2022‑11‑22






Winter 2022 USA


Shockers at AIB Agency
won 5:2, me 2 goals

These days I go sleep very early, so the 9:35 pm game is quite late for me. I did not want to come to the game, but Jimmy specifically asked me, so I went.


A lot of new players. Goalie Chad was pretty much the only one I knew:) I started up front and from the first chance, I hit the left post. Then a few minutes later shot from a long distance I hit the other post, but this time it went into the net, so we were winning 1:0. Until half-time we scored another goal, so it was 2:0 half-time.

Second half we keep dominating. I passed Dominik and he scored the third goal. Then he passed me back and I scored the fourth goal. Then we slowed down, allowed them two goals, and we also added one more in the very last seconds.

My running was OK, but efficiency must be better because I missed like 3-4 clean chances. But overall it was not bad for the first game.

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